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About Us

A home is like a mother who nurtures and protects you throughout your life. Motherland Developers are committed to providing the best living spaces that make you feel HOME. We bring the housing solutions that are enthralling, exciting and affordable at the same time. We do not compromise on luxury. Following the ethical business practices, we at Motherland Developers make sure to fulfilling our environmental responsibilities.
Motherland Developers Founded by Mr. Mahendra and he did graduation in Engineering. Thinking out of the box, implementing ideas productively and making them fruitful is something in which he excels. Therefore instead of doing the regular job he opts to enter the world of Constructions. He started his venture and came into the real estate business which formed Motherland Developers. He is successfully accomplishing intricate objectives, and challenging projects.
The statement goes well with Mr. Mahendra, the Managing Director of Motherland Developers. We Create Master Pieces in Constructions & Layout Development.

Our company:

We are the most proficient real estate developing company that strives to provide you best housing solutions. Our team of competent, skilled and experienced professionals ensures delivering top notch and high-quality work. We create living spaces which are affordable and worthwhile.

Our Vision:

Meeting the pace and following the changing trends in the real estate industry we put endeavor to meet all the needs of our customers. We evolve with time and continue to excel in innovating, developing and adopting economic friendly materials in our construction management.

Layout Development




Reason to Choose

Best Quality Services

We have dug down into every customer’s prerequisites to apply more adept services accessibly.


Our substantially experienced execution team always embraces the finest technology to deliver a better product.

Value Proposition

Motherland’s essential goal consists are to construct most gracious constructions with affordable monetary value.


Layout development

Our proficient, experienced and highly knowledgeable professionals are excellent in layout development. We value our clients and their requirements, therefore, work dedicate to meet all their needs in the most effective manner.


We have enhanced our construction management by being at the forefront of innovating and developing the most cost-effective, economical and environment-friendly methods. We believe in endowing a landmark structure which is one of its kinds and make a remarkable place in society.

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